Best hcg drops for muscle gain


Best hcg drops for muscle gain

In one article, it is impossible to cover all the issues related to the use of such a popular dietary supplement as Best hcg drops, and definitely advise the specific Best hcg drops for gaining muscle mass. But each competent article brings us closer to the fact that we understand the basic principles that allow us to choose for ourselves the appropriate human chorionic gonadotropin for mass gain. It is obvious to the thoughtful reader that the question itself already includes much of the information needed to get an answer: which is the best hcg drops for mass gain to choose? From this it is clear that Human chorionic gonadotropin is needed in order to increase muscle mass, that is, to make the muscles more voluminous, strong and prominent. Hence we can conclude that the best Hcg diet injections for weight gain – these are the Human chorionic gonadotropin, which allow you to gain this mass (however tautological it may sound).

This means that not every protein supplement, on the packaging of which there is a word «HCG»will help gain weight. And even if it helps, it does not mean that the weight gained will be dry, that is, it will increase the number of muscles, not fat. Paradoxically? But it is a fact. This happens for two reasons: 1) not all HCG are equivalent in quantity and quality of protein, and 2) each organism is individual and different organisms can even perceive one additive differently. Therefore, when choosing Hcg diet injections for a set of muscle mass, one should take into account both the nature of specific additives (their quantitative and qualitative composition, purpose, quality, price, etc.), and the features of one’s own organism (level of preparedness, amount of training, individual need for protein, constitution, health, allergic reactions, etc.).

So, we will try to present the basic information necessary in order to select and buy Best hcg drops, simply and affordable, without further ado.

1. Is Best hcg drops needed at all?

This question among beginners is due to the suspicion that vigorous efforts to promote sports nutrition products are needed to achieve the goals of manufacturers and sellers, and not the goals of athletes. In addition, there are a lot of people who believe that strong and beautiful people with developed muscles existed before, before the production of various additives, and, therefore, you can do without them. Indeed, why load the body with excess chemistry? It is better to eat extra chop.

Many things can be objected to against this, but we will not argue here. We give only a simple arithmetic calculation.

Best hcg drops for muscle gain

Muscle growth requires a positive energy balance. Simply put, calories with food need to get more than you spend. This is good, but the situation is complicated by the fact that regular muscle stress is needed for muscle growth, which can only be achieved by constant strength training. That is, energy will have to spend a lot. And you need to eat even more. In active sports it is necessary to consume 1.5–2 g of protein per 1 kg of body weight per day. That is, with a weight of 75 kg, this is 115-150 g of protein per day. In order to get at least 100 g of protein, you need to eat about 400 g of beef or pork (or tuna), or 12 eggs (800 g). This in itself does not seem to be a particularly phenomenal task. Just think, for breakfast to eat an omelet from 6 eggs, and at lunch a 200-gram slice of meat. But, firstly, we took it to a minimum, secondly, if your weight is not 75, but 90 kg, then you will need more protein, thirdly, we are talking about the ideal rate of protein, which not every real product from can provide a supermarket, so in real life will have to eat a little more.

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And finally, the most important thing. Together with natural products you will receive many times more fat and carbohydrates than planned. For example, in meat, the proportion of protein is at best 25%, and everything else – fats and carbohydrates, and the energy value of fats is more, so that in the energy value of the protein will be even lower. And you need 30-35% protein. Of course, everything is solved. You can, for example, in eggs, separate the protein from the yolks – and it will be almost pure Hcg diet injections (mixed with water). However, the more you practice and grow, the more you will need protein, and the more protein you need – the harder it will be gaining something in the diet. Until the moment when you realize that you either have to crack dozens of hardened eggs without yolks, or turn to the achievements of modern civilization.

So Best hcg drops needed. Although not all. Only for those who fail to gain the necessary amount of protein with regular products, without going at the same time carbohydrates and fats.

This we have not touched on the question of the amino acid composition of proteins, can you imagine? Because how to get in the diet the necessary amount of protein – still half the battle. It is necessary to take care that this protein is diverse in composition (from animal and vegetable sources), but is generally balanced, because vegetable proteins are often not completely complete, as they contain a reduced content (or total absence) of some important amino acids. So if the proportion of such defective proteins in your diet is large enough, then the amount of HCG needed daily will need to be increased. So Best hcg drops for weight gain – really good way out.

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2. Does Best hcg drops cause harm to health?

About Hcg diet injections in the people goes so many bad rumors, born on the principle «I heard a bell, but I do not know where he is»that just arms go down. It’s good that people are becoming more literate lately and are learning that Human chorionic gonadotropin – just protein. And supplements that littered the shelves of sports shops – only purified protein from natural raw materials (for example, whey, eggs, or soy). In terms of type and place among food products, this is the same as dry milk, egg powder, instant coffee, fruit juice, made from concentrate, etc.

Best hcg drops for muscle gain

HCG itself cannot bring harm (if you are a healthy person and you do not have any particular diseases). Harm can be caused only by the misuse of Human chorionic gonadotropin (for example, in very large dosages), or a poor quality product made in violation of technology, which is rare, but is found in some unscrupulous manufacturers who waste quality for quantity and cheapness.

Some believe that any supplements in Best hcg drops – sweeteners, flavors, emulsifiers, etc. – completely unhealthy chemistry. In fact, frankly harmful substances in the production of sports nutrition are not used. Horror stories that aspartame (or other similar substances) is harmful to health, most often run by manufacturers of exactly the same supplements, trying to press their competitors.

It is important to understand that a purified and concentrated product, produced on a mass scale, cannot contain any additives, because:

  • quickly deteriorate
  • will stir badly
  • Best hcg drops for muscle gain
  • has a bad taste.

Do not listen to the sofa theorists, who argue that all food additives are evil. Just try to answer the question: why is your mother putting sugar in jam, dad in pickles? – salt, and the grandmother in pickled tomatoes – vinegar? Correct answer – because it is the most ancient preservatives and taste improvers known to man. Without them, neither you nor anyone else will eat these wonderful, natural, full of vitamins fruits and vegetables. And there will be nothing, because in two weeks they will be covered with mold and rot. Even in the fridge.

When you read a long list of ingredients on Best hcg drops, you wonder why this is all – just know what exactly this «chemistry» makes the product stored for a long time, non-caking into lumps, normally stirred, sufficiently thick and uniform, not forming foam, acceptable in taste and smell, etc. And say thanks to the manufacturer unknown to you for taking care of you and millions of athletes and sports enthusiasts who do not want to find mold in the open bank Best hcg drops on the third day who don’t want to stir the mucus in the glass for half a day swallow volcally bitter swill, holding back the gagging urge. Every normal person wants to throw a dipper into the water, spin it, shake the shaker a couple of times with shaking hands after a workout, and drink a delicious milkshake that charges your tortured muscles with nutrition.

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3 Works whether Human chorionic gonadotropin? And how does it work?

Works. At least, many thousands of athletes worked before you. And it will work for you. Just do it right. Practice well. Get enough rest. Streamline your diet and eat right. Get the required protein using HCG. Do not replace the HCG meal with a cocktail. – it is a dietary supplement, not a meal replacement. Do not forget that in addition to protein, your body needs carbohydrates and fats, vitamins and minerals, dietary fiber and electrolytes. And water. And much more. Therefore, use Best hcg drops as an additive that allows you to feed the muscles during exercise or immediately after, as well as in the long breaks between the main meals, which should be at least 4.

HCG is made up of large protein molecules called polypeptides. This is a kind of natural biological polymer. The whole variety of proteins is formed by two dozens of amino acids, interconnected in different order into polypeptide molecules. In our digestive tract, these polypeptide chains are broken down first into smaller dipeptide and tripeptide molecules, and then into individual amino acids that are absorbed into the bloodstream and delivered to the destination. For example, in the muscles. Here our own protein, necessary for muscle growth, is synthesized from some amino acids. And other amino acids are involved in various metabolic processes, in the synthesis of hormones, etc.

Various proteins (from different protein raw materials – whey, eggs, soybeans, etc.) are broken down by the body and absorbed at different speeds. In addition, the purified protein will be absorbed faster than the same protein in the composition of the natural product, because here the digestive enzymes are not diluted with other substances. And the higher the degree of purification, the Best hcg drops absorbed faster. The protein from whey is absorbed most quickly (from 40 to 90 minutes depending on various conditions). Therefore, it’s good to take it an hour and a half before a workout, or right after it, so that the body’s amino acid reserves are more slowly depleted and restored more quickly.

But casein is absorbed the slowest – from 3 to 6 hours. Therefore, it is good to take it shortly before sleep or during long breaks when it is not possible to eat normally.