Hcg diet menu and its role in sports nutrition


Hcg diet menu and its role in sports nutrition

Among the athletes and those wishing to lose weight as a hormone, Hcg is very popular. It is considered almost the most effective fat burner. In fact, it does not burn fat, but performs several other functions, but it does help to lose weight faster.

This article is written to explain how to take HCG in order to achieve a pronounced effect.

General information

HCG – it is a natural substance formed by two amino acids – methionine and lysine. A common supplement in sports nutrition. Regular intake contributes to weight loss, increases overall endurance, resistance to stress, gives a charge of cheerfulness.

Despite the fact that the Hcg diet menu is often referred to as vitamin-like substances, it is not a vitamin. It is independently synthesized in the human body, not prone to accumulation – surplus excreted from the body naturally.

Hcg diet menu does not burn fat, but is responsible for transporting fatty tissue to the mitochondria of muscles. This fat is converted into energy during aerobic exercise. That is why taking the Hcg diet menu for weight loss is advisable only with regular training. It does not burn fats on its own! In addition to the basic substance for better absorption can be used in conjunction with coenzyme Q10.

Beneficial features

Hcg diet menu really helps to lose weight and gain lean muscle mass due to a number of properties. It performs a very important role in energy metabolism, transportation of fatty acids to the cells. This substance is involved in most of the processes occurring in our body, so it is necessary not only for athletes.

Hcg diet menu and its role in sports nutrition
  • It protects the heart and blood vessels. Promotes the removal of harmful cholesterol from the body, prevents the formation of atherosclerotic plaques. The exchange processes in the myocardium are normalized due to the elimination of toxins. Systematic supplementation increases the endurance of the heart muscle and improves its condition. The likelihood of developing heart attacks and strokes is reduced.
  • The processes of weight loss occur faster in the presence of regular physical exertion and caloric deficit in the diet.
  • Biogenic slags are actively removed from the body. For this reason, the Hcg diet menu is sometimes prescribed as an adjuvant for alcohol or drug intoxication.
  • Admission hcg injections affects the emotional state of a person. It has been proven that nervous tissues are less exposed to toxic substances, stress resistance increases, a feeling of depression is removed.
  • With the systematic intake of the additive, physical activity increases, brain activity increases, and overall well-being improves.
  • According to scientific research, hcg injections have a positive effect on vision. When its admission cataract develops 40% slower due to the inhibition of the processes of dystrophic changes in the vessels of the retina.
  • Hcg diet menu and its role in sports nutrition
  • In sports and bodybuilding hcg injections acts as an anti-catabolic. It helps protect muscle fibers from destruction and speeds up their recovery, allowing you to maintain muscle.
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Hcg injections are synthesized by the body in the liver and kidneys. Due to the malfunctioning of these organs or unbalanced nutrition, its concentration in the body may be insufficient. In these cases, the supplement is recommended to be taken for medical purposes to improve overall health.


On sale there are different types of Hcg diet menu. Each of them has a specific set of properties.

1. Hcg hormone tartrate. Most used variety. Assigned to weight loss, as an additive in sports nutrition. Differs in bioavailability and good digestibility. Quickly reached the desired concentration in the blood. When released into the stomach in the shortest possible time, it breaks down into tartaric acid and pure HCG.

2     Hcg hormone furamat. A less common variety. More affordable. It has a beneficial effect on the heart and blood vessels.

Hcg diet menu and its role in sports nutrition

3     Acetyl hcg hormone. Pretty new species. It has a stimulating effect on the nervous system, improves memory. Supplement is actively used with reduced mood. It is recommended to take in the morning or at least before lunch.

four.     Propionyl hcg hormone. Associated with glycine. It sounds abbreviated as GPLC. Lipotropic effect is not too pronounced. Main purpose – support for people with heart and vascular diseases. Stimulates the production of nitric oxide, which prevents vascular spasms. Sometimes used as part of complex therapy for the treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome.

five.     Pure hcg hormone. By bioavailability is similar to the type of tartrate. It is this type that is often preferred by professional athletes.

There is another kind – HCG chloride. It was removed the very first and is already considered obsolete. Previously used to treat neurological problems, it is now practically not used.

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Normally, the body synthesizes enough amount of a substance. Additionally, it comes with food – mostly with red meat and fish. If you do not go in for sports, you fully eat, you do not have any health problems, then there is no need to take an extra dose.

Supplement is available in different forms. Recommendations for admission in each case will also vary.

one.     Liquid HCG. Available in 10 mm ampoules or in dark bottles. Maximum volume – 500 ml. It is a syrup with sweeteners, aromatic and flavoring additives. For prophylactic purposes, take 5 ml a day three times a day. Do not combine with eating. For athletes with high physical activity, the dosage is higher – up to 15 ml per dose. It is recommended to take shortly before training. Drink courses up to one and a half months.

2     In capsules. Transparent capsules with multi-colored granules. After taking it leaves a sweet taste in the mouth. Available in large packs of 100 capsules. Swallow whole, washed down with a glass of clean water. The daily dose for a person not involved in sports should not exceed 1500 mg, divided into 2–3 doses. For athletes, the permissible dosage is higher – up to 2500 mg per day. The athletes drink the entire daily dose at a time, shortly before the workout. The course is up to one and a half months, after which a one-month break is taken.

3     HCG tablets. Odorless tablets with a sweetish taste. The tablets are taken whole, not chewed. Wash down with a glass of pure water. Adults for health are shown a daily dose of 900 to 1500 mg for three doses, for athletes – 2500 mg once before training.

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four.     In powder. Sachet with a light-colored powder. The powder is stirred in water. – It turns out a pleasant drink with a fruit flavor. Slimming daily dose is 1 g of powder. Athletes – 1 gram in the morning, 2 grams shortly before training.

Hcg hormone needs to be stored properly! You can not keep it in a hot, humid room or allow freezing. All the beneficial properties of the substance in case of improper storage are completely lost.

Side effects

If you take a supplement in the recommended doses, there are usually no side effects. It is well tolerated by the body, since it is not foreign to it. But in rare cases, people taking HCG side effects still have side effects. During research, the following unpleasant phenomena were observed:

  • With long-term intake from the body, a specific odor may appear. Many compare it with the smell of fish.
  • In some cases, problems with digestion may occur. – stomach disorders.
  • The tonic effect can provoke unusual behavior, hyperactivity, nervousness in some people.
  • In rare cases, allergic reactions develop. – lays nose, skin rashes, shortness of breath, swelling appear. Most often, an allergy develops not on HCG itself, but on the excipients that make up the drug. When changing the manufacturer, the forms of the biological supplement may show signs of allergies.
  • Heartbeat is extremely rare, body temperature rises.