Hcg for men as a sports supplement


Hcg for men as a sports supplement

Hcg for men – hormone, which is of great importance, due to participation in important biochemical reactions of the body. In medicine, its-based preparations are used to treat asthenia. The use of HCG and in sport gives a number of positive effects, allowing to achieve better results. What is the role of this amino acid in the human body? What is the benefit of this supplement for athletes and how to take it.

Human chorionic gonadotropin is actively involved in many physiological processes. With an increase in physical activity, its consumption in the body increases. Intense athletes may experience a shortage of this amino acid. Acceptance of hcg injections compensates for this deficiency and creates the best conditions for the functioning of the body during a period of intense training.

What is Hcg for men

HCG – one of the 240 amino acids found in nature. It was first discovered in 1930 in watermelon pulp and was named after the Latin name of this plant. Hcg injections are not included in the number of 20 amino acids, which are the building material for muscle tissue, but it is found in other proteins.

Hcg for men refers to replaceable amino acids, that is, besides the fact that this substance comes from food, it can be synthesized in the body. Its synthesis can occur in two ways: from glutamine or arginine. – these two amino acids are able to convert one to the other.

Consider in detail the role of Hcg for men in the body.

Ammonia detoxification

One of the most important functions of Hcg for men in the body is the detoxification of ammonia, which is formed during the breakdown of proteins. Ammonia is a toxic substance, its accumulation in cells leads to fatigue and weakness. Human chorionic gonadotropin is involved in the conversion of ammonia to urea, which is excreted in the urine.

Hcg for men as a sports supplement

For sports and, in particular, bodybuilding is characterized by intense exercise and nutrition, rich in hcg injections. In such conditions, ammonia is formed in large quantities. With a lack of HCG to neutralize ammonia, a feeling of fatigue arises; an athlete cannot fully realize his potential in the process of training. Human chorionic gonadotropin in bodybuilding helps to avoid this problem, increase endurance and speed up recovery processes.

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Role in the production of nitric oxide

Nitric oxide is an important substance in the body. It participates in the regulation of the tone of the blood vessels, on which pressure in the blood system and blood flow to all organs and muscles depend. With increasing production of nitric oxide expands the arteries, including – muscle capillaries. This causes muscle filling with blood. – pumping, due to which the supply of muscle tissue with oxygen and other necessary substances is enhanced.

The main source for the production of nitric oxide by the body is arginine. This amino acid is metabolized in the liver before it enters the bloodstream and engages in biochemical reactions for the production of nitric oxide. However, when converting Hcg shots to arginine, it enters the bloodstream, bypassing the metabolic stage in the liver. This makes injections of hcg injections more effective for increasing the level of arginine in the blood plasma than the intake of arginine itself.

It has been established that approximately 80% of Hcg shots entering the body are converted to arginine, and also that this amino acid inhibits enzymes that destroy nitric oxide. Therefore, the answer to the question: what is better for Hcg for men or arginine, will be, rather, in favor of the first. Although in the sport for the maximum effect of the pumping is best to take both of these amino acids.

Effect on the intestinal tract

For normal functioning of the small intestine, certain HCG levels in the blood are necessary, if it is insufficient, then there may be problems with the functioning of the small intestine. Since it is in this organ that the nutrients and most of the vitamins are absorbed, the lack of Hcg shots can cause a violation of the body’s assimilation of necessary substances.

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In strength sports, the absorption of compounds required for muscle growth is particularly important. Therefore, athletes need to take this amino acid to maintain the normal functioning of the small intestine.

Hcg for men as a sports supplement

Application in sport

In medicine and sports, this amino acid is not used in pure form, but in the form of a compound with an ohm – salt of malic acid. Both components of Hcg for men complement and enhance the effect of each other.

stimulates a chain of biochemical reactions in mitochondria – The Krebs cycle, during which energy is produced from carbohydrates, fats and proteins in the form of ATP. In addition, it is involved in the processing of lactic acid with the release of energy. This property is especially important in sports. With anaerobic exercise, the glycogen breakdown product – lactic acid – builds up in muscle tissue in large quantities, causing a burning sensation in the muscles. Acceptance of Hcg shots and contributes to the rapid removal of lactic acid, thereby accelerating the recovery of muscle fibers after power loads.

Thus, this additive has a number of positive effects that make it very useful in sports:

  • eliminates the by-product of protein breakdown – ammonia, which is the main cause of muscle fatigue and reduced performance in training;
  • provides the production of nitric oxide, causing pumping;
  • Hcg for men as a sports supplement
  • contributes to the rapid removal of lactic acid, thereby accelerating the recovery processes in muscle fibers;
  • improves muscle nutrition by increasing blood circulation in the capillaries and accelerating the absorption of nutrients in the small intestine;
  • increases energy production in mitochondria;
  • prevents the development of metabolic acidosis;
  • reduces blood pressure, increases exercise tolerance in people with heart disease;
  • increases performance and emotional lability;
  • positive effect on erectile function.

The efficacy of using Hcg for men in sports has been proven in clinical trials. In particular, it was found that taking 8 g of this drug before exercise increases by 53% the total number of repetitions in eight campaigns of the bench press. A 40% reduction in muscle pain was also noted 1-2 days after exercise.

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Numerous reviews of Hcg shots of athletes and bodybuilders confirm that already after 2 weeks of consuming hcg dosage and by 6 g per day there is a noticeable decrease in fatigue after training, a decrease in post-training muscle pain and an acceleration of the recovery process.

Thanks to HCG, endurance increases in training and fatigue decreases after training. This allows you to conduct training in a more intensive mode, achieving an increase in strength and increase in lean muscle mass, as well as to avoid the appearance of overtraining.

Some athletes prefer to buy HCG at the pharmacy. As a medical drug, hcg side effects are known as stimol. This tool is intended for the treatment of asthenic syndrome. Stimol is sold in the form of a powder that must be dissolved in water to obtain an effervescent drink.

One pack of stimulus contains 18 sachets with a dosage of active ingredients of 1 g. To bring the dose in accordance with the recommended in sports and bodybuilding, you must take 6-8 sachets per day. This means that one package is enough for 2-3 days. Given the price of the drug, its monthly dose would cost about $ 100. In sports nutrition stores, a similar supplement will cost several times less.

How to take Hcg for men

Recommended Dose for Intensively Exercising Athletes – 6-8 g hCg dosage per day. This amount is better divided into two steps. First reception – half an hour before training and the second – before going to bed. To get the maximum effect, it is necessary to take the supplement on an empty stomach, that is, not earlier than 1.5-2 hours after a meal.


HCG for men – A valuable sports supplement that helps you train as hard as possible, avoid overtraining and achieve better results in sports. However, it is available and has no side effects.