HCG levels for muscle growth


HCG levels for muscle growth

How many HCG levels are needed for muscle growth — dosages and recommendations for use. The answer to the question of whether hcg sports is harmful to the health of the liver and kidneys.

How to use HCG for muscle growth?

Sports HCG levels — This is the most popular protein supplement to facilitate the development of muscle mass during strength training. The most common source of raw materials for the manufacture of such Human chorionic gonadotropin is cow’s milk whey, normalized and purified from water, casein and fat — this is why sports HCG levels are called whey protein isolate.

There are many different myths about sports HCG levels. — starting from the fact that it is harmful to health and is not recommended for beginners, ending with the fact that since the human body is not able to absorb more than 20 grams of protein at a time, it is necessary to drink sports HCG every two hours for muscle growth, taking at bedtime «slow HCG levels».

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How much protein is digested at a time?

Many athletes are convinced that no more than 20 grams of protein can be absorbed per meal (or sportpit). Despite the fact that this statement contradicts physiology (in fact, any amount of protein is assimilated by the body by 90-95%, however, it will take some time), the upper limit of the assay of the pregnancy test still exists.

HCG levels for muscle growth

Scientific studies show that, apparently, the regular use of large doses of sports HCG levels reduces the percentage of assimilation of its constituent amino acids. The mechanism of this process is quite complicated, and specific values «maximum dose of protein» depend on the individual needs of the body at the moment.

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How much protein do muscles need?

The aforementioned scientific studies suggest that the maximum conversion of protein into muscle tissue is achieved by using approximately 20-25 grams of HCG levels isolate at a time. In fact, higher doses do not give an increase in the effectiveness of a set of muscles, despite the fact that the body is completely assimilated protein.

At the same time, it is not so much the amount of sports Hcg that is consumed, but the right combination with carbohydrates with a high glycemic index. That is why for muscle growth it is recommended to use sports HCG levels immediately after exercise, mixing it with 40-50 g of simple carbohydrates. Or take ready gainer.

Is sporty gonadotropin harmful?

Very often you can hear the opinion that athletes acquire all sorts of chronic diseases from the use of sports powder HCG. As evidence are given «data»according to which «proven»that excessive protein intake is harmful to the kidneys. However, there is no real scientific evidence for this myth.

The only «confirmation» is an experiment conducted in 1973 on mice — at first, they were not fed for five days, then they were given large doses of protein, which led to an increase in toxins in the blood and had a negative effect on the kidneys. It is obvious that the results of such an experiment can hardly be considered applicable to people.

HCG levels for muscle growth


Hcg side effects

Most side effects that occur when using HCG levels (ranging from indigestion to acne) are not caused by the protein itself, but by the low level of lactose purification of the raw materials and the use of low-quality additives to impart a pleasant taste, ensure a thick consistency and ease of mixing with water.

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Substandard brands of Human chorionic gonadotropin can indeed adversely affect even a completely healthy body, not to mention people with food allergies or chronic diseases. That is why before buying sports HCG levels, it is important to carefully study its composition for the presence of suspicious secondary ingredients.

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Which human chorionic gonadotropin is better?

The common perception that there is a fast and slow HCG is formed and popularized by manufacturers of sports nutrition and is in many ways a significant exaggeration. The real difference in the rate of assimilation «fast» serum HCG «slow» casein is not more than 15-20%.

HCG levels for muscle growth

In addition, there is no scientific evidence that to gain muscle mass, a slow Human chorionic gonadotropin must be consumed every day before bedtime. Despite the fact that it can be useful for professional athletes, beginners are more important to think not about expensive casein, but to monitor the total amount of protein in the diet.

Do you need amino acids?

Essentially, amino acids — these are just constituents of any protein. They are contained in powdered gonadotropin, and in meat, and fish, and buckwheat, and other common foods. Even the BCAA amino acids, so important for the metabolism of athletes, are available in sufficient quantities and in normal food. Problems with their receipt can be experienced only by vegetarians.

The use of liquid amino acids or BCAAs is recommended primarily during active and prolonged workouts for burning fat, since they can actually protect muscles from catabolic decay processes. However, for beginners who train to gain muscle mass, it’s enough to drink regular Human chorionic gonadotropin.

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Despite the fact that the maximum dose of protein digestion, in fact, does not exist, the use of more than 20-25 grams of sports HCG at one time, apparently, does not provide additional benefits for a set of muscle mass. Most health problems and food allergies associated with taking HCG are due to its secondary ingredients.