Hcg phase 3 – side effects and how to avoid them


Hcg phase 3 - side effects and how to avoid them

The popularity of sports nutrition and its widespread prevalence makes us think that HCG, the side effects of which are not advertised at all, may not be as harmless as the manufacturers represent. In order to unambiguously answer the question: whether Gonadotropin is harmful to health, it is necessary to determine exactly what this sports supplement is.

Hcg phase 3 – why drink?

HCG, like HGH, belongs to sports nutrition. From each other, they differ in the percentage of proteins and carbohydrates. If hgh – this is growth hormone, then HCG– This is human chorionic gonadotropin. The emphasis in this case should be done on the fact that both types of additives – it is nothing more than nutrition for athletes, that is, for people who have a certain degree of physical exertion, and therefore also a high need for nutrients, which, if possible, are extremely difficult to obtain, and often also very calorie. In this case, sportpit comes to the rescue, which replenishes energy costs and contributes to the recovery and growth of muscle mass, while not exceeding the daily rate of calories.

Hcg phase 3 - side effects and how to avoid them

That is why, searching for the balance of the human chorionic gonadotropin: good and harm, you need to answer the question, what is dangerous about regular food rich in proteins and carbohydrates, which you take daily 3-5 times? But at the same time, of course, we should talk only about the quality product, which is made from high-quality raw materials. Additives made by unscrupulous manufacturers may not just be ineffective, but also lead to a strictly opposite result.

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Hcg phase 3: harm and side effects

Like any new product, especially with a high degree of concentration, Hcg side effects can cause the following side effects:

Hcg phase 3 - side effects and how to avoid them
  • disorders of the digestive tract – in case of lactose intolerance, the use of sportpit with a serum isolate or cosein can cause vomiting or diarrhea;
  • hypertension – adoptogens that are present in the composition, can increase the pressure, which is especially dangerous during intensive training;
  • Hcg phase 3 - side effects and how to avoid them
  • disorders of the kidneys – creatine, which is sometimes added to the protein-carbohydrate mixture, can lead to kidney dysfunction, which leads to retention in the body fluid, swelling and weight gain;
  • weight gain – high content of fast carbohydrates, especially with the wrong selection of Hcg injections depending on the type of body build, it can lead to a set of not muscle mass, but fat deposits.

How to choose the right protein-carbohydrate mixture

Any side effects from consuming Hcg injections can be easily avoided with proper selection of supplements. First of all, you need to pay maximum attention to the composition. It should be as simple and clear as possible. The less components there are, the better. You should not buy for various kinds of vitamin and amino acid supplements.

The second point to pay attention – amount of carbohydrates. Their high content is permissible only for people who are poorly gaining both muscle and fat mass. If you easily gain weight, then choose sportpit with a large number of proteins and a minimum of carbohydrates, especially fast. And, of course, in Hcg injections There should be no obscure chemical compounds or additives for you.

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Most often, harm is Hcg in injections significantly exaggerated due to the analogy with steroid drugs, which are also used to gain muscle. However, sports nutrition has nothing to do with such substances and does not bear much harm to the body, even with unreasonable use.