How to choose the Hcg trigger shot for a set of muscle mass


How to choose the Hcg trigger shot for a set of muscle mass

Almost any athlete will sooner or later think about which Hcg diet menu for gaining muscle mass will be more effective for him and will fit perfectly into the training system, suitable for its metabolism and provide energy. Although HCG – This is hormone, which contains carbohydrates and protein, their ratio is very important, because it depends on whether muscle tissue will grow. In addition, some manufacturers add fats, amino acids and vitamins, which only complicates the choice.

Hcg trigger shot for gaining muscle mass: what it is, with what, and most importantly for what its eating, – these are the questions that primarily concern newcomers-athletes. To understand this issue, you need to understand what types of energy mixtures are available on the sportpit market. Conventionally, the Hcg diet menu for weight gain can be divided into two types, depending on what type of carbohydrate is included:

    How to choose the Hcg trigger shot for a set of muscle mass
  • fast – This is a mixture with a large number of calories, in which fast calories prevail, most often it is ordinary sugar, especially in very cheap and low-quality mixtures, and the ratio of carbohydrates to proteins can reach 4: 1. Ultimately, the amount of carbohydrates can reach 80%. Such fast HCG great at fighting catabolism. Ideally, the fastest Hcg trigger shot is best taken 20-40 minutes after exercise, during the protein-carbohydrate window to repair damaged muscles;
  • slow ones contain slow carbohydrates and in a smaller amount, as a rule, 50%. This mixture ensures a long release of energy. An option for those who are quickly gaining excess weight or not training so intensely. Unlike fast, Hcg for men does not provoke insulin release.
  • How to choose the Hcg trigger shot for a set of muscle mass

Hcg complex for weight gain is taken before and after training, only in this case it will be effective.

How to choose the Hcg trigger shot for a set of muscle mass

To choose a really good energy mix, you need to follow some rules. Athletes are not advised to compare the composition of the Hcg trigger shot in portion sizes. Their volumes from different manufacturers differ tenfold, so the composition and amount of protein should be compared on the basis of the percentage ratio per 100 grams of powder. In good Hcg for men for weight gain, protein should be at least 20%, and preferably more than 30%. Otherwise, there is a high risk of gaining not muscle mass, but fatty tissue. But the sugar should be smaller, but it is desirable not to be at all. Some manufacturers prefer not to indicate the actual amount of sugar in the mixture. As a rule, increased flatulence occurs from such Hcg.

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It is necessary to pay attention to the appearance of HGH. This does not mean that it is bad or not effective, but choosing between HCG, it is better to prefer the one that contains the first three types of HGH.

Important moment – energy mix cost. Often, manufacturers deliberately overestimate the price, therefore, as well as with the composition, it is necessary to calculate the cost, for example, one kilogram of Hcg trigger shot. In this question «expensive», does not mean «it is better». Therefore, pay attention to the composition, not the cost. Some manufacturers often sin that unreasonably bullied prices for their products. Meanwhile, a number of companies produce high-quality and inexpensive product. 

The choice of your Hcg question is important, so you should not rush into this question. Do not immediately buy a large package of a new mixture; first, listen to the reaction of your body.