The benefits and harm of Hcg dosage

The benefits and harm of Hcg dosage

You often hear about the dangers of Hcg dosage – Mothers, grandmothers and other relatives gasp especially often upon learning that their child is taking HCG – «You will plant a liver», «stomach ruin», «will become impotent», after all «it’s all solid chemistry». No, no, yes and a beginner himself will think – Is it not harmful to drink Hcg complex? Let’s see what the Hcg complex is and whether it is worth gasping when it’s mentioned. «HCG» – translated from foreign «protein». Therefore, in the limit, the question of the acceptability of the use of HCG is reduced to the question of the admissibility of eating protein. But, of course, not so simple. After all «Hcg injections for men» in sports nutrition – It is not simple «protein», and concentrated protein supplements. In other words, the question can be reformulated more correctly. – What is the quality of concentrated protein supplements, how do they act on the body, and will their reception not harm any organ or body system?

Hcg injections for men in sports nutrition – This is a purified protein isolated from products with its high content. – milk, eggs, soy, etc. Almost all commercially available Hcg complex can be divided according to the degree of purification into concentrate (about 80% protein) and isolate (up to 95% protein). There are still so-called. «hydrolyzate» – This is an HCG isolate treated with enzymes that break down protein molecules to di- and tri-peptides. Its, of course, to digest much easier and therefore it is absorbed much faster. But it is much more expensive. So, because protein in sports supplements is derived from natural products. – milk, eggs, soy – he himself can do no more harm to the body than milk, meat and other products. So the whole question comes down to quality, quantity and dosage.

Hcg dosage from reputable manufacturers – high-quality, proven by numerous tests and extremely numerous athletes before us. And if something was wrong with him, the manufacturer would have long been sued, and we would never have found its products on the shelves of sports shops. World-class manufacturers carefully protect their reputation, because for them it means money. Like the ones they get today, and the ones that they can get tomorrow. Become bankrupt and lose money do not want anyone. So, the quality of raw materials is carefully monitored, the entire production chain is built in such a way as to virtually eliminate even random errors in technology. Storage, packing, transportation – everything is regulated by a certified quality management system. At all levels there are random checks and feedback. Therefore, when someone from a well-known brand Hcg dosage inexorably attracts into a small room to a white friend, this means 100% only – The problems are not in the Hcg injections for men, but in the athlete. Either individual intolerance (or other health problems) worked, or admission rules were violated.

The benefits and harm of Hcg dosage

Speaking of health problems. In addition to the banal (and, alas, often occurring) allergies to a specific protein, prevent the reception of HCG (and generally high protein foods) can be various disorders in the digestive tract, liver or kidneys. Just in case again: a completely healthy person who does not suffer from hidden diseases and allergies, cannot receive any Hcg injections for men in the recommended dosages. If a friend says that «2 months took Hcg complex, began to hurt his side – went to the hospital turned out to have planted a liver» – Let him look for problems in himself, and not in the Hcg complex. Let him check – whether these problems caused the diet, not the HCG itself; Is there a disease here that began long before the reception of Hcg diet injections; did he eat HCG levels in kilograms; did not fall right on the bar in the hall; whether he planted the liver with some medications that he took along with the Hcg complex, etc. etc. After all, it also happens that a person diligently, for years, kills his liver, and then suddenly, quits drinking and smoking, goes on a violent diet, begins to torture himself with workouts and thus simply finishes his liver, which was already on the last legs, then tells everyone that «HCG is guilty».

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The question of the effect of protein concentrates and high-protein foods on various systems of the body has been studied thoroughly, but not completely. One thing is certain – direct connection between the use of large (but within acceptable) quantities of natural protein and diseases of the cardiovascular system, sexual, excretory, digestive and other systems has not been identified in numerous studies.

The benefits and harm of Hcg dosage

There is still a lot of talk about soy protein that he supposedly «contains some phyto-estrogens – substances similar (!) to female sex hormones» and therefore it can weaken the libido and even completely lead to impotence and gynecomastia. This horror story from the same category as the stories about the terrible harm GMOs. Seriously disassemble this nonsense there is no desire. Let’s just say. Firstly, even «phytoestrogens» eating in soy, soy protein doesn’t have their soy protein, just as there is no milk fat in whey protein, since Hcg diet injections has a high degree of purification. Secondly, «phytoestrogens»whatever «similar» estrogens were not, it is still not hormones. And to exaggerate their influence on the hormonal level of the human body is not worth it. It is known that for the body to assimilate a certain substance must not only be identical in chemical composition to the substance that participates in metabolic processes, but must also have the same spatial structure of molecules. For example, L-leucine is a part of BCAA. It effectively suppresses catabolism and stimulates muscle growth. However, D-leucine, being not just «similar», but it is completely completely identical to L-leucine in chemical composition, and differing only in the spatial form of the molecules, however, it will not be able to fulfill the role of its isomer. He just does not work, even if you eat them. After that, it becomes clear that under the nonsense about «phytoestrogens» There is no reasonable reason. Distributors of these rumors have heard the ringing, but do not know where he is.

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The harm of hcg injections for weight loss can only bring if used improperly. For example, if someone tries to replace regular food with sports nutrition. Or will absorb Hcg diet injections in large quantities. Or will use HCG  despite existing serious diseases of the digestive tract. Of course, this will create an unbearable load for the body, which it most likely cannot cope with. Therefore, those who take HCG causes any problems needed:

The benefits and harm of Hcg dosage
  • To begin to reduce the dosage – perhaps just for a particular person below the limit of the amount of protein that he can learn at a time, and if problems continue,
  • urgently stop its to take and run to the clinic – do tests and consult with doctors. Chances are that there are serious health problems.

Where do questions about harm come from hcg injections for weight loss? Apparently, once people were frightened by a story about the side effects of anabolic steroids, and since then the words «anabolic» and «sports nutrition» many associate with these terrible stories, in which, by the way, there was a lot of fairness. Only today it is necessary to know that sports nutrition in general, and Hcg diet injections in particular, has nothing to do with anabolic steroids, the goals are completely different, and the effects are completely different.