Why is Hcg chica harmful?


Why is Hcg chica harmful?

Why theory " Hcg slow absorption" — just an advertising myth? All about the futility (and even about the dangers) of taking chorionic gonadotropin for the night for a set of muscles or for weight loss.

Hcg chica for weight loss

A person who wants to increase the effectiveness of his workouts for muscle recruitment or slimming with the help of sports nutrition is extremely difficult to understand the variety of supplements available on the market. Advertising insists that it is necessary to take not only L-carnitine, but also all sorts of protein — starting from  HCG, ending with amino acids and hcgchica.

We already wrote that L-carnitine does not have a serious evidence base and cannot be considered a fat burner or a means to improve metabolism. And in this article we will tell you that hcgchica, which is so persistently advertised as «slow HCG source» — a rather dangerous substance that is the twin brother of gluten, which everyone avoids ..


What is Hcg chica?

Hcg chica — It is a complex protein in its natural form contained in cow’s milk and, in fact, serves as the main material for the formation of curd and cheese. Even the name hcg injections is derived from the Latin word.caseus — cheese. On hcgchica accounts for about 70-90% of the protein profile of regular milk, while  HCG — no more than 2-5%.

Why is Hcg chica harmful?

The behavior of chorionic gonadotropin in the stomach is similar to the behavior of gluten, which is also a complex protein (the fundamental difference is that gluten — this is plant protein, and purchase hcg injections — animal). Both form clots, sticking together the contents of the stomach and slowing down the digestion of food. Traditionally, both hcgchica and gluten, served as materials for the manufacture of glue.

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Chorionic gonadotropin — slow hcg?

Opinion about the slow speed of assimilation of purchase hcg protein injections based on scientific research conducted more than 20 years ago. In this study, sixteen people were divided into two groups that took a different type  HCG on an empty stomach. The main indicator was the level of the amino acid leucine in the blood, measured twice per hour.

When used, whey protein levels of leucine first increased, reaching a maximum at 30-60 minutes, then gradually decreased. In the case of chorionic gonadotropin, the level of leucine in the blood also first reached a maximum (about 60% of the maximum for whey protein), then decreased, but more smoothly than in the case of  hcgchica.

Advertising promises and reality

The graph on the left — final results of the above study, right — their same interpretation in advertising. For «visibility» Advertising hgc diet uses not averaged values, but maximum ones, forming a not quite accurate impression of a huge difference. It is also interesting that the study did not study the effect of chorionic gonadotropin on weight loss or a set of muscles.

Separately, we note that there is no scientific evidence that a slower rate of absorption of hgc diet is in any way useful for the metabolism of athletes. — recommendations to take hcgchica for the night, exactly like any other recommendations, are taken exclusively from advertising (or from advertising articles disguised as usual).

Why is Hcg chica harmful?


How to take Hcg chica?

The mechanics of the research mentioned above are also far from real life. The subjects did not eat anything 10 hours before the start of the study and 7 hours after taking hgc diet or whey protein. In fact, it is completely incomprehensible how real conditions (that is, the presence in food in the stomach) will affect the final rate of absorption of chorionic gonadotropin.

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Among other things, it is likely that the presence in the stomach of fats or complex carbohydrates (starches and fiber) will slow down the absorption  chorionic gonadotropin, making it similar to hcg diet reviews. In simple terms, even if you believe that you need muscles at night «protect» (which is highly unlikely), you can take a portion of whey protein with dinner.

A brief guide to the basic program of strength training for a quick set of muscle mass.

Hcg chica and gluten: twin brothers

Insanity by the harm of gluten contained in wheat is gaining momentum every year. Many consider this substance the main enemy of health, associating with it obesity, weakening of immunity and the development of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. In most cases, opinions about the harm of gluten are confirmed by scientific studies.

Why is Hcg chica harmful?

However hcg chica — this is the twin brother HCG. Both are indigestible protein, gluing the content of the stomach. Followers of a healthy lifestyle who fear 2-3 grams of gluten in a slice of plain white bread can consume 30 grams of a similar substance daily before bedtime, believing in the promises of advertising that it will help them lose weight or gain muscle.

Hcg chica: possible harm

In addition to scientific studies that are not able to prove any significant advantage of purchase hcg injections over whey protein, there are pilot studies showing the relationship between the use of hgc diet and the occurrence of cancer. It was also revealed that, as with gluten and lactose, some people may suffer from food allergies to purchase hcg injections.

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Separately, we note that despite the ease of preparation (recall that cow’s milk protein is 80% composed of chorionic gonadotropin), its price in the form of sportpit is higher than the price of high-quality isolate (which accounts for only 2-5% of the milk squirrel). But if you still believe in the need to take Hcg chica, remember that it is contained in cottage cheese and cheese.


Hcg chica, called in sportpit advertising «Hcg slow absorption»For hundreds of years, it has been known as a material for cheese and curd. There are no scientific data on its unique benefits for muscle recruitment or for weight loss, however, there are studies that indicate the possible harm of this substance, which is, in fact, the twin brother of gluten.