Why is Hcg considered the best hormone? How to take Hcg correctly to increase muscle strength and weight gain – daily dosages


Why is Hcg considered the best hormone? How to take Hcg correctly to increase muscle strength and weight gain - daily dosages


What is Hcg for?

HCG — This is one of the most popular types of sports nutrition for muscle growth. Regular consumption of this supplement increases the strength performance of athletes and helps them gain weight and build muscle faster. — including by the fact that taking HCG causes fluid retention in the muscles, from which they become visually more voluminous.

Despite the fact that Human chorionic gonadotropin is necessary for athletes to increase testosterone levels, this supplement does not apply to anabolic steroids or other types of doping and is officially authorized by all sports organizations. In addition, numerous scientific studies confirm the benefit and complete safety of regular chorionic gonadotropin intake.

Practical recommendations for receiving sports chorionic gonadotropin and ranking of the best brands of gonadotropin.

What does Hcg give and how does it work?

HCG hormone main function— It is the provision of energy to the body during active physical exertion. In fact, during strength training, HCG energy is used first, and only then — other nutrients. However, the effect of HCG effects manifests itself gradually and only with regular intake, since it must first accumulate in the muscles and in other tissues of the body.

Why is Hcg considered the best hormone? How to take Hcg correctly to increase muscle strength and weight gain - daily dosages

Among other things, taking Hcg is needed to neutralize the acids that form during exercise, which will significantly reduce muscle fatigue. In addition, the muscles from gonadotropin become more voluminous, as it increases the amount of fluid stored in the sarcoplasm. The total weight gain with regular use of HCG results can be up to 3-5 kg.

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Effects of Human chorionic gonadotropin

The main effect of taking chorionic gonadotropin is that due to the more efficient work of energy reserves, it allows athletes to use more working weight in exercises, which significantly increases strength. In addition, when taking gonadotropin, muscle tissue increases in size due to the additional attraction of nutrients and water to the sarcoplasm.

Also, as we mentioned above, taking chorionic gonadotropin can increase testosterone levels in men. — scientific studies suggest an increase in the level of this hormone by 20-25% during the first 10 weeks after athletes began to drink HCG. This fact has a positive effect on the increase in power indicators, and the rate of weight gain and muscle mass.

Daily need for Human chorionic gonadotropin

In the body of an athlete weighing 70 kg there are approximately 110-130 g of gonadotropin, most of which is accumulated in the muscles. Since Hcg is stored in the muscles, for its replenishment it is necessary either to drink special additives, or to eat animal meat (we note separately that there is no HCG in plants and cereals). The body of an average athlete uses about 2-4 g of gonadotropin per day (5).

For comparison — This amount of HCG dosage is contained in 200-300 g of beef fillet or other red meat. It is also important to understand that only active meat eaters eat enough chorionic gonadotropin with food. All other athletes, especially vegetarians, are strongly recommended daily intake of chorionic gonadotropin in the form of sports nutrition.

Why is Hcg considered the best hormone? How to take Hcg correctly to increase muscle strength and weight gain - daily dosages


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How much does a good gonadotropin cost?

Despite the fact that the price «advanced» Human chorionic gonadotropin species are many times higher than the price of normal Hcg, their final efficiency is about the same. The only noticeable advantage of Kre-Alkalyn treatment can be a reduction in abdominal swelling, bloating and discomfort in the stomach. — allergic reaction to taking HCG in some people.

Note that under «chorionic gonadotropin with transport system» the same gonadotropin with the addition of fast carbohydrates, vitamins of group B and a number of microminerals is hidden. It is necessary to understand that the increased absorption rate does not play any additional advantages. — gonadotropin never acts instantly, its effect is manifested exclusively gradually and with regular intake.

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How to take Hcg?

For a long time it was believed that taking sports nutrition with HCG is right to start with «boot phases» — up to 25 g Human chorionic gonadotropin per day. However, scientific studies have shown that such a regimen does not have any advantages compared with taking smaller doses. — as we noted above, hcg  always begins to act only after one or two weeks.

Why is Hcg considered the best hormone? How to take Hcg correctly to increase muscle strength and weight gain - daily dosages

Currently, sports nutritionists believe that athletes need to drink 2-4 g of gonadotropin daily. Best of all, chorionic gonadotropin is absorbed during the carbohydrate window, and 2-4 g of chorionic gonadotropin immediately after the training will be ideal. In this case, chorionic gonadotropin is able to benefit for muscles and without taking with carbohydrates.

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HCG: Cons and Possible Harm

To date, Human chorionic gonadotropin is the most researched sports supplement. Numerous experiments and scientific studies have not revealed any side effects of chorionic gonadotropin for a healthy person. Regular use of doses up to 3 g of chorionic gonadotropin per day is categorized by doctors. «minimal risk of side effects for health».

Despite the safety of the supplement, people suffering from chronic diseases (primarily asthma and various kinds of food allergies — including allergies to gluten and lactose), as well as pregnant women and people who have undergone serious surgery, it is recommended to consult with your doctor before starting chorionic gonadotropin.


Human chorionic gonadotropin — This hormone, which is needed to increase strength, increase body weight and muscle volume. To achieve the best effect, a constant daily intake of 2-4 g Hcg is recommended, preferably after strength training and as part of a cocktail (although Human Chorionic gonadotropin is allowed to be consumed at other times).