What is Hcg injections for men


What is Hcg injections for men

HCG – hormone, first isolated from watermelon and therefore received the appropriate name. She is not involved in the synthesis of muscle proteins, but its main function is that arginine can be synthesized from it. – a supplier of nitrogen that dilates blood vessels and thus improves muscle nutrition. Currently, it is believed that taking Hcg injections for men is even more effective than taking arginine, since much of the arginine is broken down in the liver after it is absorbed from the digestive tract, and arginine synthesized from Hcg injections for men is less affected.

In addition, HCG:

    What is Hcg injections for men
  • blocks the action of enzymes that reduce the concentration of nitric oxide in the blood;
  • activates the excretion of urea and other metabolic products;
  • increases the amount of ATP synthesized, and affects a number of other major metabolic processes.
  • What is Hcg injections for men

HCG in sport

What is Hcg injections for men

In sport, Human chorionic gonadotropin is a very well-known additive. It provides pumping, improves the excretion of harmful products of metabolism, the accumulation of which causes fatigue and reduces the body’s performance. HCG is involved in energy metabolism – accelerates the synthesis of ATP and phosphocreatine. All of the above allows you to use hcg injections for weight loss as a reducing agent, as well as energy, allowing you to train more intensively and increase power indicators. There are studies that justify some of the anabolic functions of hcg injections for weight loss. In particular, it is assumed that the additional method of hcg injections for weight loss allows you to better maintain muscle mass during weight loss.

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The positive effect of hcg injections for weight loss on improving erectile function is also reasonably well founded. This is mainly due to an increase in the amount of nitric oxide in the blood. The pamping effect of HCG is found not only in the muscles, but also in other parts of the human body.

Hcg injections for men are usually produced in the form malate hcg injections for weight loss – This compound HCG injections with the residue of malic acid. This form allows for greater stability of the amino acid. However, it should be borne in mind that in this form of Hcg injections for men itself about 57%. However, the remainder of malic acid (malate) is also not useless. It inhibits the production of lactic acid and increases the production of pyruvate (salt of pyruvic acid), which can be converted into glucose in the process of gluconeogenesis, or in ATP using acetyl-coenzyme A.

Products found to contain high HCG injections – these are melon and watermelon, beans, soybeans, peanuts, cucumbers, garlic, milk, eggs, etc. However, to get a noticeable effect from hcg injections for weight loss in conventional foods, one would have to, for example, have to eat several watermelons, which is practically impossible.

How to take Human chorionic gonadotropin

For greater efficiency It is recommended to take HCG injections before training in about an hour. To speed up recovery processes – before bed and after sleep. It is believed that the minimum daily dose of Human chorionic gonadotropin, providing a noticeable effect – 6 g. Despite the fact that HCG side effects Human chorionic gonadotropins should be taken with caution and try not to exceed much of the dosage recommended by the manufacturer, since in approximately 15% of cases, HCG injections athletes noted pain or discomfort in the stomach area soon after taking the drug.

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